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The Heed Food Recipe

Cooked Nuggets

Our premium dry food promotes digestive health and the crunch is great for their teeth and gums.

Math Plus

Freeze-dried Toppers

Minimally processed, dehydrated meats, fruits and veggies retain nearly 100% of the nutrients and flavor.

Math Equals

A Perfect Mix

The combo is a grain free, fresh-meat-first food made in the US by people that care.

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Kona and I LOVE to travel which is what makes Heed's dry mixes so convenient. The freeze dried toppers are mixed right in which make bringing his food anywhere we go super easy!

After a lot of research, I decided to try out Heed Foods for it’s healthy and tailored mix of quality meat, fruits/veg. Lily LOVES it. Heed keeps her happy and energetic. Recommend!

It's strange, but Princess seems happier. She has always been obese, but with Heed's recommended serving sizes, I was finally able to stick to her diet. She looks so much better and bounces around now that the weight is gone.

Peyton has always had a very sensitive digestive system. She is an extremely picky eater and any slight change in her diet can lead to severe diarrhea. But with Heed, she surprisingly had no mess switching over! AND she loves the taste!

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