A Guide To: Dog Nutrition

Complete guide to the nutrients your pups need  


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When it comes to feeding our dogs, there is a lot of misleading information about what’s right for your dogs health. Many of us are asking what are the nutrients required for a complete and balanced diet and how do they support your dog’s health? We want to break down what your pup really needs from a well-balanced diet. So we got the opinion of a leading pet nutritionist.

Here is what Cheryl Yuill has found to be the main components.

“The six basic nutrients are water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. These essential nutrients are required as part of the dog’s regular diet and are involved in all of the basic functions of the body.”

Cheryl Yuill, DVM, MSc, CVH-A leading vet nutritionist and expert in veterinary homeopathy

We all know that most canines are given a heavy meat based diet. However, in order for your dog to properly absorb all the vitamins needed, they will need vegetables and fruits added to their diet as well! Here are some of the main vitamins needed for your dog.


1. Vitamins (Vitamins A, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, K )

  • A Vitamins: Are responsible for supporting your dog’s: vision, growth, immune function, and cell function.

  • B Vitamins: Aren’t just for energy, they support red blood cells and nervous system function as well as hormone regulation.

  • Vitamin E: Is a powerful antioxidant that supports your dog’s immune system and cardiovascular health.

  • Vitamin K: Is known to protect against cancers that target the inner lining of body organs.

Dogs Body: Vision, Growth, Immune System
Source: Pet Food Institute

2. Proteins

Protein can be obtained from a variety of animal sources (chicken, fish, turkey, etc) and even plants (sweet potatoes, white beans and more). Proteins are necessary in your dog’s diet to deliver essential amino acids to strengthen your dog’s bones, organs and coat. Protein also provides energy (like carbohydrates do) and keeps the immune system strong. Animal proteins have been proven to be far superior than plant based protein in delivering a good balance of these amino acids.

Dogs body: Bone, Organ, Coat, Muscle Development

Source: Pet Food Institute

3. Fats and Fatty Acids

Fats and fatty acids (EFAs) are nutrients that every mammal needs to maintain healthy function and repair organs (i.e. heart, reproductive system). They cannot be derived from the body naturally and must be obtained from food.

    Fatty acids give your dog long lasting energy throughout the day. Additionally, fatty acids  make food tasty, promote heart health, and keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

    Dogs Body: eyes, immune system, coat and skin, energy

    Source: Pet Food Institute


    4. Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates should not be deemed as just fillers in dog food. High quality carbohydrates deliver healthy nutrients and are essential in your dogs diets. Carbohydrates contain antioxidants that help repair damage of free radicals due to toxins and prevent cancer.

    Dog Body: Gut health, energy

    Source: Pet Food Institute


    There are a handful of great dry dog food brands that deliver the above nutrient. However, Heed Foods goes above and beyond to provide the following additional benefits:

    Heed Foods Benefits

    Our blends are packed with fruits, veggies and rich sources of animal based protein ideal for breeds in all stages of development.

    Heed's Grain Free Fresh Chicken and Salmon w Cod, Peas and Apple

    Our food contains a variety of ingredients including; blueberries, salmon, and even flaxseeds! The quality of these unique ingredients and their effect on your pups health, specifically your pups digestive health, are what distinguishes our food from other brands.


    • 100% Animal Based Protein: Our diets deliver 30% protein, and while our competitors may hit this ideal number by supplementing their diet with ingredients such as pea protein, our food is 100% derived from animal sources!
    • Slow release carbohydrates, not fillers: Sweet potatoes, white beans, carrots and apples boosts metabolism and keeps your pup active throughout the day.
    • High Fiber: We include high quality ingredients to help regulate digestion (White beans (which contain 19g of fiber/cup), Sweet potatoes (4g of fiber/cup), and Flaxseeds (46g of fiber/cup). These ingredients will help dogs absorb all the necessary nutrients from their food.
    • AAFCO Compliant: Our food has been formulated to meet the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all size dogs through all life stages, except for large breed puppies.
    • Unique superfood ingredients: We include unique ingredients like (Kelp, Flaxseed and Cod). These ingredients specifically promote healthy skin, are rich in fiber, and improve digestion.
    • Picky eater approved: Great with picky eaters, our tasty blends have been proven to stimulate the appetite of the most discerning eaters!
    • Expert approved: Most importantly, our food has been sent to numerous testing facilities and approved by objective leading 3rd party pet nutritionists, vets and experts in pet health & wellness.

        There are several great brands out there, mostly available through offline natural pet stores. If you’re keen on having convenience delivered we'd love to have you give Heed a try! 




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