Health and wellness for each and every pup.

You answer a few simple questions, and we’ll recommend the perfect recipe based on your pup’s profile.
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We’ve researched all the different genetic weaknesses each breed is prone to so that we can give them just the right mix of nutrients!

Lightning Bolt


Whether your pup is super energetic or loves to be lazy, we recommend the optimal feeding portions and recipes to fit their unique lifestyle.



We make sure to understand any allergies your pup may have so that we can tailor the perfect recipe for them to enjoy safely.


Life stage

High protein diets for puppies and healthy joint supporting nutrients for senior dogs - we’ll recommend the optimal recipe for any life stage.



Traditional feeding guides are too vague and often overestimate your pup's caloric needs. We’ll tell you exactly how much to feed your pup to maintain the healthiest weight.

The Heed Food Recipe

Baked Nuggets

Our premium dry food promotes digestive health and the crunch is great for their teeth and gums.

Math Plus

Freeze-dried Toppers

Minimally processed, dehydrated meats, fruits and veggies retain nearly 100% of the nutrients and flavor.

Math Equals

A Perfect Mix

The combo is a grain free, fresh-meat-first food made in the US by people that care.

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