An Expert's Letter on Heed


Heed Foods has just added a new level of competition to the kibble market. Kibble remains the most popular method of feeding dogs, but some in the industry are striving to improve their reputations through both the palatability of their foods and their available nutrition. 

Heed Foods is one of those innovative companies dedicated to improving the quality of kibble while retaining the convenience of a dry food. By adding human grade freeze-dried fruits, and vegetables, and 100% chunks of raw meat to a high-quality dry blend of grain free, fresh meat first kibble, Heed is able to offer a food that meets a higher standard than the kibble currently offered on the market. 

Each ingredient in Heed has been thoughtfully added with no unnecessary fillers. Their real differentiator lies in their emphasis on improving a healthy digestive environment naturally, which is pivotal to overall health and the absorption of nutrients. They do this through the additions of prebiotics, chelated minerals, and just the right amount of vitamins essential for normal tissue development, growth, life support, and overall health.

Although I have been known to be a champion of fresh foods and seldom support a kibble product, Heed Foods has proven to be a stellar recipe that shows dry foods can be just as nutritious. I have yet to see a product that uses such high-quality freeze-dried toppers and a thoughtful base kibble recipe that lends to great texture and flavor that dogs love while promoting strong dental health. I believe that Heed’s products far exceed the quality of the current dry foods available and they have created a new standard that will be difficult for other brands in the market to match.

Dr. Susan Lauten, PhD

AAVN – American Association of Veterinary Nutrition
Medical Advisory Board, Knoxville Zoo
Reviewer for American Veterinary Medical Association and Journal of Nutrition