Frequently asked questions

If your question is not listed below, feel free to email us at, we would be happy to assist you.

Popular Questions:


Where does Heed make its food?

All Heed proteins are guaranteed North America sourced. Our products are made with love in Pawnee, Nebraska.


How much does Heed Foods cost?

The cost of each Heed Foods meal plan depends on your dog's age, weight, and dietary needs. Our meals start at less than a $1 per meal. A subscription of 10lbs per shipment starts at $60, however, this will last you 4-7 weeks depending on the caloric needs of your pup. To know exactly what the price of your subscription is, please take our pet recipe quiz. You are, of course, not required to make the purchase!


Do you have a trial or give samples?

We do not currently offer samples, but we offer a significant discount on your first order to help get you started! After your first order, your meal plan will continue as scheduled on tailored subscription intervals, so that you get the right amount of food when you need it.


Where does Heed Deliver?

Heed ships to the 48 states in the continental U.S. (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii!)


How long does my Heed pup food last?

The shelf life of our bags is 18 months from the manufacturing date printed on the bag. We only use natural preservatives at Heed!


Do you offer vet prescribed diets?

No, we do not offer vet prescribed diets at this time.


Nutrition and Feeding Questions:


What’s in a Heed meal?

We've partnered with the world’s top pet nutritionists to develop our recipes and believe in a functional and holistic approach to your dog’s health and wellness.


Our recipes include:


-Quality kibble with fresh meat first. This means that fresh meat is the largest component in all our recipes and is guaranteed North America sourced. All other ingredients are all natural, grain free, and absolutely delicious!


-Our kibble recipe focuses on promoting your pup’s digestive health with prebiotics, good bacteria, and digestive aids. We’ve also added the perfect amount of superfoods, vitamins, and minerals to keep your pup healthy, longer.


-Human grade, organic, freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and proteins. These freeze-dried toppers add delicious flavors and textures to make every meal exciting for your pup. Each recipe has added nutritional benefits and is recommended to your pup based on their specific needs.


Do our recipes meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO?

You betcha! Our delicious recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Program for All Life Stages for growth and maintenance, including the growth of large dogs (>70 lb as an adult).


My pup’s stool looks a bit funny, is this normal?

It is normal for a pup to go through an adjustment period when switching food. However, please always observe closely for color, consistency, and frequency. In general, color should be medium brown and neither too soft and liquidy (diarrhea) or too hard to pass comfortably (constipation). Be cautious of black, red, pink, purple, grey, greasy, green, orange, yellow, or white specked stool, as these may be signs of other health issues. This article may be helpful in distinguishing what healthy stool should look like:


If you have any questions at all about your pup’s stool or the transition, please email us at


How much should I serve my dog?

Every pup is completely unique and should be fed based off their weight, age, and lifestyle. By just following traditional feeding guidelines printed on dog food packaging, we are disregarding all the unique attributes of your pup, which often leads to obesity. At Heed, we use our proprietary algorithm to calculate the perfect serving size using your pup’s specific profile.


In your Welcome Kit, we provide a personalized feeding card, so you know exactly how much to feed your pup each day. We also include a Perfect Portion scooper with quarter cup markers, so you can measure out servings flawlessly.


Of course, your dog’s lifestyle and weight changes over time, so please closely monitor your pup’s weight. If you have any questions on feeding and maintaining the best weight for your pup, don’t hesitate to reach out to our pup concierge at any time for new guidance or suggestions. Our PupConcierge will also be reaching out to you periodically to check in on how things are going with your pup and Heed!


How do I transition my dog to Heed?

Good Question! For the first couple of days, your Heed Recipe should make up about 1/4 of each meal. Then gradually increase the proportion of Heed over the course of a week until your pup is eating all Heed. This article on gradual pup food changes can be helpful:


We will also provide a tailored feeding card with more detailed transition instructions inside your welcome kit. Of course, every pup is different so please monitor them closely during the transition process and be sure to reach out if you have any questions about the transition to Heed.


What if my dog doesn’t like the recipe?

Sometimes, change can be tough for pups. Praise your pup when they eat their food and give them attention only after the meal is gone. Staying out of the area while your dog eats and giving them a quiet, safe place to eat may be helpful. Or, offer their food for a short period of time and then take it away. This will teach your pup to eat at certain regular times and will provide a comforting routine. Just make sure to monitor your pup for any illnesses and above all, be patient with your pup! Sometimes these transitions take a little extra time! And of course, if you have any questions or concerns about how your pup likes our recipe, please email us at


I see a slightly different feeding recommendation on the ingredient card then what I received on my quiz results. Why is this?


We believe traditional stagnant feeding cards can sometimes be less accurate because they do not take into account your specific pup's age, lifestyle, and body type. For the most accurate results, take our quiz which does take all of these factors into account so your pup can get exactly how much food they need. 



Subscription and Account Questions:


How does the Heed subscription work?

To get started, take our Heed Foods recipe quiz to help us build your pup’s profile. Based on your pups breed, age, and lifestyle, we will create a tailored meal plan that will recommend the best recipe and daily serving size. We will also create a delivery schedule that is specifically tailored to your pup so you get food when you need it, and not before.


Your first bag will be in our Welcome Kit, which includes a perfect portion scooper, Heed informational material, and a tailored information/feeding card specifically made for your pup. If your meal plan requires more than one bag per shipment, for your first order, we will send the remaining bags separately from your welcome kit. After your first order, your entire order will be included in one shipment.


Oh, did we mention we offer free standard shipping!


What is PupConcierge?

PupConcierge manages your pup’s tailored meal plan and periodically checks in with you to monitor your pup’s overall health, lifestyle, and taste preferences. You can reach out to PupConcierge with any questions you may have on your subscription, transition, pup, or anything in-between at any time. Just email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Pup parenthood is hard, but we’re here with you every step of the way.


Can I add more than one dog to a plan?

If you would like to add an additional pup to your profile, click the “Add Another Pup Profile” button on your accounts page under manage subscriptions. This will take you to a new quiz you can complete for your next Heed pup. Once you complete the quiz, you will have the option of adding the recommended subscription to your profile.


Can I cancel, skip, pause, or make changes any time?

Yes, of course! If you want to make any changes or cancel your account, just make sure you do so before your next shipment is sent out. Just log into your account page and you can adjust shipment size and frequency, skip a delivery, or cancel your account.


Can I return my Heed Foods products?

We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your order! Please reach out to your dedicated pup concierge at if you have questions about returns.


Can I switch to another recipe?

Yes, you can! If you would like to switch recipes, just log into your account, click the add product button, pick your new recipe, and select your frequency (either choose the same frequency as your other product or a different frequency). If you want to, don’t forget to go back to your subscriptions and cancel your previous recipe subscription.


HOWEVER, please note that it may not be the BEST option for your pup to switch recipes given that our recommendations are based on our research on breed, lifestyle, age, and allergies.