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My pup adores the cod, apple, and carrots topper!

Livy gobbles up the Heed food and the cod, apple and carrot topper. so grateful for healthy food she loves!


Since I adopted my dog a little over a year ago.... A lot has happened.. Especially in her poop quality and food department. I've searched high and low and tried a lot of different food. We landed with Heed and couldn't be happier. We're on our second (big) bag and her poop has been great consistently and she's been running to her bowl!! (She turned up her nose a lot with other food we tried.😩) Plus... as a dog mom, I love Heed's customer service. And as a designer, Heed has the best branding of all dog foods out there. :D So win win win situation in my book for my dog AND me.

My dogs love it

This was our first time trying Heed and my dogs LOVE it. They get excited when they see the Heed bag verses the other dog food bag.

My dogs love it!

Just what I was looking for!

My pup loved Heed!

Too soon to see a change but I’m hopeful.

My dog is obsessed

My dog Mochi is obsessed with Heed. She’s never been this excited about food and I can already tell a difference in her coat. I would recommend to everyone.

My pup loves it!

My pup loves it so much! The apple probiotic treats are great and healthy. I love the ingredients used and there are no preservatives! My pup also loves the kibble and it's great for her tummy.

My pup loves it!

My pup loves it so much! The apple probiotic treats are great and healthy. I love the ingredients used and there are no preservatives! My pup also loves the kibble and it's great for her tummy.

Fantastic clean doggie food

My dog loves this food and he is very fussy!! I eased him into it and his poops look beautiful!! Perfect!!


Dogs love it, dogs tummy loves it, I love it! Thank you Heed!


My dogs love this stuff! I have to get one of them to stop and chew and breathe!

Best Dog Food -- Makes My Furbaby Happy!

This is the best food! Marley absolutely loves it and loves the toppers even more. I see a big change in her since we started this food a couple of months ago. Thanks so much!

Even helped with behavioral problems and anxiety.

My dog was always anxious and would make lots of mistakes. After heed, she became so regular which really helped with her anxiety and behavior. I am very impressed with this product and will definitely be transitioning my other dog to this new recipe as well.

Picky eater no more!

My chronically picky eater had no qualms with Heed's chicken recipe! He absolutely loves it all. Theres no picking around the kibble to get to only the toppers. Everything is gone, Every time!

Best customer service and amazing product.

Heed's customer service team was amazing. They helped me decide exactly which recipe i should go with and on what interval i should set my orders to. I can really tell how much they care about every customer. And of course, the porducts are amazing. My Bella loves everything she's tried so far.

Helps both my puppy and my senior dog!

The thing I really like about this food is that it's for all lifestages. I now know that a healthy gut is important for all dogs at any age. My puppy is super regular and loves mealtimes, and my senior has a renewed energy and regularity!

Chicken and Ancient Grain Recipe is Great!

I love this recipe! My dog gobbles it up every time. I really wanted to put her on a just chicken diet becuase she has some other allergies so this recipe was perfect.

Freeze Dried Toppers

My dog absolutely LOVES the freeze dried turkey, white beans, and apples toppers. I do add them to her food which she loves, but i also feed them to her seperately. I actually tasted them myself and they are seriously delicious. Like I want to eat them for myslef as a healthy snack

Definitely worth the price!

I know it's s little pricey, but I saw a real and noticeable difference in my dogs stomach issues. I think it's worth the price and its still less expensive the fresh food options.

Love this Recipe

I was so excited when Heed came out with this new grain inclusive recipe. I love having options to switch up my pups diet. Not to mention, my dog absolutely loves this stuff.

Wonderful product with amazing customer service.

I just got my first puppy and i put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect food to start her out on. Not only did Heed answer all of my extensive questions about their product, they even sent me additional freeze dried toppers to give to my pup to try. When it came to the actual product, my pup loved the chicken kibble recipe! It was the perfect size kibble, the ingredients are great, and even the bag is beautiful!

So happy I found Heed for my senior pup!

My dog just turned 12 yesterday! Unfortunately he had been really slowing down and I was very worried. I starting putting him on Heed mostly becuase i thought he would like the freeze dried toppers and I wanted to treat him in his old age. To my surprise, after 2 weeks on Heed, he had so much more energy and his health seemed to have improved exponentially. I guess that there really is a huge difference in qulaity of dog foods. I really wish I had switched him sooner!

Absolutely recommend!

My corgi charlie loves their tailored meals! He’s always so excited to eat when we pour his food from heeds. Great quality and healthy for your pet! I love how transparent they are with the ingredients they use. Charlie loves the topper they provide too!

Sensitive Stomach No More

Piper did amazing on Heed Foods! And that's saying a lot since she has the most volatile stomach of any dog I've ever met. Trying new foods/treats isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Not only did she eat every last bit but she didn't have any stomach issues after eating it either. It is safe to say we love Heed Foods and will definitely be sticking with it!

great food

great food