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My Chihuahua mix, Lizzy, loves her new HEED food. I got the salmon for her. The tiny bites suit her perfectly. Before HEED she ate a little dry food but was not overly fond of any I bought. I cooked chicken for her daily. After her first taste of HEED she turns up her nose at cooked chicken! I feel so good about feeding her this new food because I am finally sure she is truly getting what she needs. Thank you for a superior food for my little girl.

Dogs enjoying!

So far my dogs seems to be enjoying the samples that I ordered... no complaints from their tummies!

Food that you can feel good giving to your dog

I'm really happy with Heeds products; they're quality, arrive at my door & my dog enjoys the food. We've tried a few flavors because I like my dog to have diversity of flavors & he has never had any stomach issues.

I remember when I first ordered -- before my dog became a garbage disposal -- he ran over to sniff the unopened bag of food and wouldn't leave its side. He just loooooves the kibble and toppings. Highly recommend.

Quality Food

When we first got our girl Lola she had a sensitive tummy and was very picky. We later discovered Heed Foods and she loves it for the taste and we love it because her gut health improved and we know she is eating healthy human-grade fruits, vegetables and protein. We also love the excellent customer service, personalized bag and the fast deliveries.

Great Topper

You can smell the freshness! My dog loves the Freeze Dried Apple Cod and Carrots so much that when he sees the bag the drool starts flowing :)

The fur speaks for itself

Picky little boy will only way Heed. And his beautiful coat is proof of the health benefits. As a shih tzu that’s of upmost importance.

My Shih Tzu, Totem, loves your food. I'm so glad I found you! Thank you!


Our dog loves the toppers and the food!! Fast shipping!

Cowboys Review

My Yorky is very picky eater. He likes the toppers and the kibble. But he eats on his own terms. Doing well ! Thank you!

Quality product, but too expensive for us.

Love my Minnie, so I had to give it a try. Quality ingredients, but still a kibble. I use as a topper over her human-grade cooked food. She likes it, but to be fair, Minns is a maniac who will eat tree bark if I let her. Like so many others, I wish it costs less. (Sigh). Thank you.

My dogs love HEED!

I only feed my dogs the best and ever since they’ve been on their HEED diet, they’ve had no issues at all with meals and always waiting for the next one! Heed is the best and most healthy for my pups. Im usually also afraid with other brands of kibble that their weights may increase, however heed provides a healthy and balanced meal. I usually top it off with some fresh steamed chicken and my 3 dogs love it :) <3

Fresh Salmon & Superfoods Kibble (10lb)

Picky tummy trouble boy

We are now on our 2nd delivery of Heed. Nugget my 3 year old aussie has always had sensitive tummy issues which result in loose stools. Just to make it more fun he’s picky. When I received kibble I mixed it accordingly and he ate it no problem. We have transitioned but not 💯. I can say he has improved dramatically. 1) stool is firmer 2) less quantity and frequency of poop and 3) he loves it. We highly recommend!!

Olive loves it

Our pup loves the food!

Siu Mai approved!

My shih tzu, Siu Mai, loves Heed! She is a picky eater so finding the right food has been a journey. We are so lucky Heed had sample packs so we were able to try out the food instead of having to buying a full bag like other dog food brands make you do! Thank you, Heed!

Great food.

Dogs love it nice size kibble.

Heed Dog food

My dogs all 3 love it and their digestive issues started calming down after the very first meal!! I’m sold!

Paws up for trio-pack!

Aside from Heed's newly formulated kibbles (which we love, btw.) trio-pack provides a nice variety to day-to-day food. I like having all three to mix and match every day. They're so quick and easy to add to each bowl. It's definitely a must have!

My dog Sophie has been loosing weight for the past 2 years...
She has been on Prednisone & enhancer & has had an ultrasound. We have been trying for months to find a dog food that she will eat & not have diarrhea. Thank you Heed Food !

Dog loved

Trying to get him on better diet he loves it

Picky Eater

My picky eater seems to love the Salmon. He is happy so I am happy.

Slurpy loves

He digs into this and the bag looks cute in our tiny NYC apartment

Above and beyond

Not only does my pup love the food, but the team at Heed Foods exceeded all expectations. My order was delayed by a FedEx issue, and even though it wasn't their fault at all, they went out of their way to work with FedEx and make sure the food was in the bowl by the time my boy's stomach started rumbling!

My doggie loves these treats

I wish they where bigger bags!!! My doggie goes through them very quick!!

Bebe loves her kibble and treats

I appreciate the quality of the product and the ease of delivery.